3.9.1 for Mac

Detect duplicate files and free up hard drive space


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The more you work with your computer, the more difficult it becomes to keep the files in your hard drive organized, especially if you have the same files repeated in multiple folders without realizing it.

dupeGuru is an efficient application to help rid you of any duplicate files taking up precious space on your hard drive.

The program will scan the previously specified path at an astonishing speed, displaying potential duplicates in its interface.

Once the list is ready, you can do several things with the selected files: delete, move, copy, ignore, remove from list, etc.

But of course there’s more. dupeGuru can provide detailed information about each file on the list as well, allowing you to search by segment so the program only finds the type of files you're looking for.

It's not possible to delete, move, or copy more than 10 files simultaneously.